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We have engineered a multi-layer DDoS service that is easy to use and performs better than any other network stress test. The outcome is a global booter network to maximize performance, protection, and reliability, without a high price tag.

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The free trial is limited to 10-minute L4 attack with a reduced set of layer 7 methods.
For artificial intelligence support and other more advanced options look at our pricing section.


Improve your defence

Test your protection from ranging AI enchanted DoS and DDoS attacks. We are using continental AWS clusters to provide needed packet stream for a classical volumetric and traffic attack, done by congesting the available bandwidth and system resources. We change our boot IPs every week to avoid blacklisting from Cloudflare, StackPath, IBM Cloud and others.

Multi-layer malformed request attacks

We are able to offer hundreds of different application attacks including query flood, malformed requests and multiple amplifications on following protocols: DNS, SNMPv2, NetBIOS, NTP, SSDP, CharGEN, QOTD, BitTorrent, Kad, Portmap (RPCbind), Steam Protocol, Multicast DNS (mDNS), RIPv1, LDAP, CLDAP, Quake Network Protocol, TFTP, Source, Memcached, RakNet (SAMP), Minecraft Forge, TS3 (Teamspeak), Fortnite, Krunker, Underlords, Teamfight Tactics, Rocket League
We are actively updating and supporting latest vulnerabilities on game servers, Twitch streamers, XBOX Live and PSN.

Ethical and responsible

We are not hackers nor illicit organization. Our mission is to provide world-class tools for network security specialist and engineers. We use legal ways to provide our service and do not use botnets. We do not endorse engaging tests on any other site or network without their consent. On advanced tests, we require prior authentication to verify your ownership of a system.

MuX Intelligent Focus

MuX Intelligent Focus is using machine learning techniques for concentrating traffic to the weakest point of the network. AI is actively monitoring and redirecting attacks to another exposed node avoiding null routing of our flood stream. We re-train our MuX Intelligent Focus AI with every DDoS attack to guarantees a constant load for the maximum intensity test.


Upgrade your defence to the last limit with our premium plans. Pick a plan that fits best for your needs.


No login required

0 € / month

10 minutes of boot time
1 concurrent attack
Queue before premium users Why?
300 Mbit/s layer 4 stream
A basic set of layer 4/7 attacks
(HTTP flood, UDP amp)

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For homepages
and small companies

30 € / month

No ads
45 minutes of boot time
2 concurrent attacks
Priority over Free plan Why?
500 Mbit/s layer 4 stream
An advanced set of layer 4/7 attacks
(HTTP, SYN, ACK floods, UDP amp)



For medium services
and datacenters

180 € / month

No ads
1 hour of boot time
2 concurrent attacks
Priority over Basic plan Why?
1.5 Gbit/s layer 4 stream
An advanced set of layer 4/7 attacks
(HTTP, SYN, ACK floods, UDP amp)



For large services
and datacenters

350 € / month

No ads
Up to 5 hour of boot time
4 concurrent attacks
Priority over all other plans Why?
5.5 Gbit/s layer 4 stream
Full set of layer 4/7 attacks
(HTTP, SYN, ACK floods, UDP amp,
Cache-bypass, XMLRPC, mod_evasive)



  • Q: Are my stress tests anonymous?
    A: Yes, we are providing our service in the country where the legislation is more amenable. We do keep internal error logs to provide better service.

  • Q: Why do I have to wait in the queue?
    A: We currently have a upper limit of our network throughput. To ensure our service availability to all our users we have to put all requests into the queue. You can read more at our capability section.

  • Q: Can I do more than one free test a day?
    A: Unfortunately no, keeping stress tests limited will provide service for all of our users.

  • Q: Where I can register/login?
    A: We will send login information after purchase. Free booting is available without logging in.

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